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The Toy Box Early Learning and Childcare Centers have 2 locations, both in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The Toy Box was founded nearly two decades ago in September of 2001 by Cheril Banning with a mission to provide children a safe and nurturing learning environment emphasizing the importance of family. The Toy Box continues to build a local quality care program for New Mexican children that families trust and can continue  to count on for decades to come! 


Our Team


Angela Garcia CEO & Owner

I have grown up in the Early Childhood Education industry. My mother founded The Toy Box in 2001. I took ownership and began working as the CEO in 2010. We expanded our program opening our second location The Toy Box Too in 2019. I am proud to work alongside our team at The Toy Box in our continued commitment in providing quality. It is my passion to provide quality early learning services and to advocate for the children and families in the state of New Mexico. I serve as the President of the New Mexico Child Care and Education Association collaborating with state officials and other programs statewide improving quality and growing the early childhood industry. I look forward to continued growth for years to come!

Amanda Sanchez.jpg

Amanda Sanchez, Executive Director

I have had the pleasure of working for this amazing program for 8 years. I started off as a Pre-K teacher but transitioned into the Program Coordinator position soon after.   As much as I loved working with young children, I believe my calling was to mentor educators. I am able to utilize my experience, training, and bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies to support members of our team. There is nothing more satisfying than to help an individual master their craft. 

Haydee Trujillo.jpg

Haydee Trujillo, TB One Director


I have been employed at The Toy Box Early Learning Centers since it was founded nearly 20 years ago. I started as a toddler teacher. I taught that age for 16 years I was blessed with the opportunity two years ago to be the center director. I have my Child Development Associate (CDA), I also have my National Administrator Credential.


Jennifer Spencer, Admin. Assistant

I am the Administrative Assistant for The Toy Box Early Learning and Childcare Centers. I have been in the Childcare field for 14 years and I love it! I love working with Children of all ages and watching their little minds work and grow and seeing them become wonderful little beings. I started working as a floater in all classrooms and now work in the office and fill in when needed in the classrooms. I am blessed and thankful to be a part of the wonderful Toy Box Family.

Adrienne Hernandez.jpg

Adrienne Hernandez, Teacher

Adrienne Hernandez. I am the assistant director at The Toy Box Too. I have been part of The Toy Box Family for the last 5 years. I am honored to assist staff to insure we provide the highest quality care to all our families. We strive to always meet and exceed all our children's needs.


Elizabeth Loman, Teacher

I've always wanted to work with kids and am working towards a degree as a teacher in early education. I enjoy being part of the Toy Box crew! My hobbies include reading, attending comic cons love, and spending time with friends and family. 


Madison Caballer, Teacher


 Maria Mendoza, Teacher

I am the lead teacher of the Early Pre-K classroom. Being in the early childhood industry has had a big impact on my life, starting from the age of 17. I fell in love with teaching children ages birth to 5 years old when I volunteered at ToyBox while in high school. After my senior year of high school I pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education and graduated with my bachelors degree.

Maria Mendoza and I'm an Early Pre K teacher. This is my first year teaching Pre k but my 10th year teaching children ages 1-12. I love to teach and watch children as they learn, grow and explore.

Loretta Lauer.jpg

Loretta Lauer, Teacher


Brianna Cunningham, Teacher

I have been in the early childhood industry for about 40 years. Children are my passion. I have been with The Toy Box for 1 year, and am truly blessed to be with the infants. I love to watch them grow, from seeing their first tooth come in, to crawling, to taking their first step! It makes my day even brighter to see their excitement as they arrive in the morning. It doesn't seem like work when you enjoy what you love doing! 

Brianna. I have been working at the ToyBox for a year now and I love it! I’m currently a floater, I have been able to work with many age groups and I enjoy being able to learn all the differences in the age groups. What really got me into working in childcare is my interest in teaching kids. The feeling is so rewarding!


Bibiana Ponce, Teacher


Tara Russell, Teacher

Bibiana Ponce. Everyone calls me Bibi! I am new to working in the child education field and I love teaching and learning with the kids. I am working on my bachelor’s for Child Psychology.  I am a firm believer that children are the future and if we want a better future it starts with them. 

Tara Russell and I am an assistant Pre-K teacher at The Toy Box. I hope that through education I can help instill a love of learning and exploration in all my students. I enjoy hiking with my friends and family and reading books.


Janette Rodriguez, Teacher


Martha Chavira, Teacher

Janette Rodriguez and I love my new role as Pre-K teacher here at The Toy Box. I have been with the Toy Box for about 2 years and have fully enjoyed every day of it. I am Currently pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Education with hopes to help children become the best they can be. Something interesting about me is that I have a lot of animals at home to include 1 dog, 1 horse, 3 goats, 1 rooster, and 4 chickens.

Martha Chavira I've been working in the Early Childhood field for 4 years. I am currently one of the teachers in the toddler 1 class. As a team I work together with two other teachers to create a safe learning environment for the children. I love seeing smiles on the children’s faces when they learn something new and enjoy watching children reach milestones. On my free time I love to travel and spend time with my children/ loved ones. 


Kimberly Lozoya, Teacher


Maribel Portillo, Teacher

Kimberly Lozoya. I have been with the Toy Box for four years working in the PreK class. I love working with the children and getting to know each of their own little personalities. I have my associates degree in Early Childhood from NMSU and I am currently working towards my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.

Maribel and I have been with the Toybox for almost 3 years. I have an Associate’s in Education and I plan on continuing my schooling to receive my degree in Elementary Education. I am the school age teacher and I really love doing hands on art activities with the children. I always encourage the kids to express themselves in every activity.

Alyssa Triste.jpg

Alyssa Triste, Teacher


Perla Almaraz, Teacher

Alyssa Triste. I have been with the Toy Box for over 5 years. I work as one of the Pre-K teachers, and absolutely LOVE it. I recently received my Associates degree in Early Childhood. I am still attending classes at NMSU to receive my Bachelors in Early Childhood this coming Spring.

Perla Almaraz, I have been working with young children for 2 years and am working on my degree in Early Childhood Education. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, even when I was younger. I enjoy helping others learn and grow. I love seeing their smiles when they learn something new, I want to make a difference in young lives, and influence future generations.


Alexandria Brown, Teacher

Alexandria Brown and I go by Ms. Lexie. While I am still new to the Toybox team I have enjoyed everyday working with the wonderful kids in our community. Currently I am one of the teachers for our school age program. I have always wanted to work with children. I joined the Toybox team to better myself and pursue being a teacher. I currently attend DACC as a full-time student working toward my Early Childhood Education Degree. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to work with your children!


Annie Swanson, Teacher

Annie! I graduated from NMSU in May 2020 with a bachelors in family and child science and an associate degree in both art and science. I have 6 years of experience in early childhood education and I’m loving being a part of the Toy Box Team!


Karina Madrid, Teacher

Karina Madrid, I am currently pursuing my career in Early childhood education. The Toybox Too has helped me so much by allowing me to expand my skills in working with children. I am so blessed to be able to come to work everyday,  and learn new things that will help me later on in life. Overall I believe that The Toy Box is a great atmosphere for children to learn, play, succeed, and most importantly feel loved!


Marissa Roman, Teacher

Marissa a mobile infant teacher at Toy Box Too. 

Currently enrolled at DACC going for my associates in Early Childhood Education. My happiness is My family and working with children.


Emilee Smedley, Teacher

Emilee. I am one of the Toy Box Too’s Preschool Teachers. I am currently studying Early Childhood Education. I will be graduating December 2021 with my Bachelors Degree. I love working with children it is my passion.

Adonia Ruiz.jpg

Adonia Ruiz, Teacher

Adonia Ruiz and I am the Afterschool teacher at Toybox Too. I have also had the privilege of being able to help out in all the classrooms and expand my knowledge of the young minds of children. I have been apart of this amazing team since 2018. Currently I am taking Early Childhood Education classes to further my career.


Jayden Rahall, Teacher

Alexis Bowron.jpg

Alexis Bowron, Teacher

Jayden. I am one of the preschool teachers at the Toy box Too. I am currently attending New Mexico State University, where I am pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, with a minor in counseling and educational psychology. I will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree next December! I love teaching preschoolers, and watching them grow every day!

Yvette Pinedo

Yvette Pinedo, Teacher

Alexis! I am a toddler one teacher here at The Toy Box Too. I believe that the best way for children to learn is through play. I am currently attending NMSU, pursuing a degree in early childhood education. I chose early childhood education because it is one of the best age groups to work with and I enjoy working with these ages everyday!

Patricia Nieto, Teacher

Patricia Nieto.jpg

I am one of the teachers at Toy Box Too and work in the young toddler classroom.  This is my absolute favorite age group to work with because it is rewarding to witness the self discoveries a toddler makes throughout a days play and watch them begin to exert their independence. I am currently enrolled at NMSU studying Early Childhood Education, as well as being a mom to a sweet little girl

Patricia Nieto but everyone calls me Patsy. I am currently working in the infant room which is exciting! I get to collaborate with families to develop infant "firsts". When they crawl, walk, and master hold their bottles! I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschool children. I have ten plus years’ experience in the child care field and am furthering my working toward a degree in Early Childhood Education.


Linda Sumner, Teacher

Lassette Tinajero

Lassette Tinajero, Teacher

I am one of three toddler one teachers. What do I love about my job?  EVERYTHING! I enjoy teaching my little ones every day. It’s a pleasure to see their faces when they have learned a new color, shape, or letter! I truly enjoy teaching little humans and future superheroes.

Hello! My Name is Lassette. I am the toddler teacher at TBToo. I have worked as a toddler teacher for 5 years and absolutely love what I do! I am currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a beautiful baby girl and we love being outdoors!


Kayla Montoya, Teacher

I have been working for The Toy Box for two years and I love it! I work with the toddlers and absolutely love watching them learning new things and developing new skills! I have four children of my own so I know the importance of feeling like your children are being cared for and loved. I make sure I work to build trust with each family so they know their child is safe, learning, and loved!


Juliana Delgado, Cook

Mi nombre es Julie Delgado trabajo en The Toy Box Early Learning center. Me gusta cosinar y preparer los alimentos para los ninos con mucho gusto, y con 13 anos de esperencia.  *

I work at The Toy Box Early Learning center. I like to prepare and cook meals for the children. It is my pleasure, my experience as a cook has been 13 years.  


Marisela Villalobos, Teacher


Zelenie Paul, Teacher

I am an infant teacher at The Toy Box. I have been in the childcare industry for 5 years and working with the infant age group is my passion. I love being able to nurture them and help them succeed in development. 

I am a teacher at The Toy Box Too in our Mobile infant class. I am a full time mommy of two that attend the facility as well. I started off volunteering as my son started early pre-k and enjoyed it so much I changed my career completely and started online classes to join the early childhood development family. 

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